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King Hoodia 1000 MG

King Hoodia 1000 MG - Homepage

King Hoodia 1000 MG is a weight loss product that is made from Hoodia Hordonii which is a succulent that grows in the deserts of South Africa. Bushmen were the first people to use the product and then researchers from drug companies worked with it and created the tablets.

King Hoodia is an all natural appetite suppressant. The product sends a message to your brain that says that you are full even if you have not eaten. This is for people who have issues with snacking or portion control. If you consume less food then you will consume fewer calories so you will gradually lose weight. Experts claims there are no side effects associated with the product; it does not contain any caffeine, ephedrine, or stimulants.

There have not been any studies conducted on King Hoodia’s effectiveness. The Food and Drug Administration does not have any authority over diet supplements this means that the company does not have to prove that the product does in fact help people lose weight.

According to the website, the user take one tablet before each meal so the user have to take three tablets per day. Every person will react differently to the product but the user should see some results after approximately two weeks.

King Hoodia has gotten some good reviews from consumers but as is the case with any diet supplement, users need to try it in conjunction with diet and exercise to see if it works.

Official King Hoodia Website


Actual Customer Feedback:

"At these doses, you’d have to take 4-6 capsules daily of Desert Burn ZA 750. With the new King Hoodia, you’ll only need to take 3-4 per day. Both are great supplements but King Hoodia will certainly be more convenient with fewer tablets to take."
Portion of actual user comment on HoodiandWeightLoss.com

"...if Desert Burn doesn't work for you (again, make sure you are taking enough everyday and are giving it at least 2-3 weeks) then you are one of those that doesn't respond to hoodia so switching to another brand will not make a difference."
Portion of actual user comment on Answers.Yahoo.com

"Desert Burn has all the required certificates and permits clearly displayed on their website as proof that what they are selling is authentic hoodia gordonii. Those documents include: a license to act as a hoodia gordonii farmer, a valid export license, and a C.I.T.E.S. certificate to legally export hoodia gordonii from South Africa."
Portion of actual user comment on HoodiaandWeightLoss.com

Official King Hoodia Website

Company Information:

King Hoodia 1000 MG is a brand name owned by Desert Burn Industries, LLC. The domain name (DesertBurn.com) was registered under this company in 2001.

Business Address:
3602 Amberleigh Trce Gainesville, GA 30507


Hours of Operation:
Mon-Fri 9:30a-5:30p EST

For more information about this company, you may want to search the BBB

Product Specifications:

Ingredients  Ingredients

Price: $59.95 - 1 Bottle of King Hoodia
$139.95 - 3 Bottles of King Hoodia
Return Policy: 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Official King Hoodia Website



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