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Hoodia XR

Hoodia XR - Homepage

Hoodia XR is a diet supplement containing 1000mg of Hoodia Gordoni powder packaged in a time-released formula. Created and branded by HoodiaXR, Inc. The method of delivering hoodia to the system provides continuous help with sugar cravings and appetite suppression.

Hoodia is derived from a plant and works on the brain in a manner similar to glucose. Because of the slow release of Hoodia XL into the system, the user will not experience the nervous, jittery feeling often associated with other hoodia products. The slow release of the active ingredients allows the body to maintain just the right amount of hoodia to keep hunger pangs under control.

Hoodia XR claims it creates a feeling of fullness to prevent consumption of excess calories. Hoodia XR may be taken at night to help control evening snacking. It will not cause a loss of sleep, and there have been reports of users have an increase in energy and general well-being.

According to the website, an added benefit of the Hoodia XR time-released formula is that the dosage is only three pills a day, as opposed to 9-12 pills in other formulas.

Official Hoodia XR Website


Actual Customer Feedback:

"...I no longer snack like I have and have dropped 13 lb since I started this pill and also placed myself on a diet and excercise program. I was beginning to diet before but after I started hoodia xr, I found I was not looking for in-between meal snacks as I use to. Now I am sticking to a diet and not cheating so much..."
Portion of actual user comment on TotaLink.com

"...I've been taking it now since June and after achieving my goal weight of 122 pounds in mid September (I lost 31 pounds total and just in time for our anniversary cruise) I have lowered my daily dosage to only 1 or 2 pills a day (depending on my appetite and what time I get to eat during the day)..."
Portion of actual user comment on TotaLink.com

"...I can also tell you that Hoodia XR isn't following FDA regulations, which is another red flag. Last year the FDA required all hoodia manufacturers to specify on their labels what part of the hoodia gordonii plant was used in the product. They can't just say, "hoodia gordonii (powder)", as shown on the Hoodia XR label..."
Portion of actual user comment on Answers.Yahoo.com

Official Hoodia XR Website

Company Information:

Hoodia XR is a brand name owned by HoodiaXR, Inc. and is a proprietary of Great Herbal Labs. The domain name (HoodiaXR.com) was registered under this company in 2005.

Business Address:
3501 N. Causeway Blvd
Suite 300 # 367
Metairie, LA 70002

Return Address:
HoodiaXR Return
5721B Macbeth dr.
Baton Rouge, LA 70817


For more information about this company, you may want to search the BBB

Product Specifications: Ingredients
Price: $49.95 - 1 Bottle of Hoodia XR (90 tables)
$84.95 - 2 Bottles of Hoodia XR (180 tables)
$109.95 - 3 Bottles of Hoodia XR (270 tables) - Free Shipping
Return Policy: 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Official Hoodia XR Website



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