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Hoodia Gordonii Plus

Hoodia Gordonii Plus - Homepage

Hoodia Gordonii Plus is a weight loss supplement containing a natural steroidal glycoside that has been shown to suppress appetite, therefore leading to weight loss. This plant substance, grown only in the South African Kalahari Desert countries of Botswana, South Africa, Angola and Namibia, has been used by local indigenous people for appetite suppression on long hunting trips for many generations.

Hoodia Gordonii Plus is formulated to increase energy, suppress appetite and promote weight loss and contains 400mg of natural hoodia, plus magnesium, green tea leaf extract, garcinia fruit extract and a proprietary blend of digestive enzymes.

The hoodia gordonii used in Hoodia Gordonii Plus is approved for harvesting and distribution, and certified authentic, by the Western Cape Conservation Authority of South Africa through a Protected Plant Permit, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture through Convention in International Trade of Endangered Species (C.I.T.E.S.) certification.

According to the website, those who purchase Hoodia Gordonii Plus are automatically enrolled as a lifetime member in a Weight Management Club, which includes online weight management assistance and diet and exercise information. Purchasers also receive the 71 Proven Weight Loss Tips e-book and a weight loss visualization audio download.

Official Hoodia Gordonii Plus Website


Actual Customer Feedback:

"I had some success with hoodia. Lost a few kgs after a month.

But don't expect hoodia to be a magic pill. Hoodia is an aid to dieting. It makes dieting easy as it suppress your appetite and reduces hunger feelings when dieting..."

Portion of actual user comment on Asnwers.Yahoo.com

"I olny take one 450mg pill a day and after a few days I can say that my apetite is almost gone, but my heart is racing, my pulse is 95, I cannot sleep. Feel better if I drink a lot of water. I will stop because of the side effects."
Portion of actual user comment on Forum.WeightLossVote.com

"...I actually am eating less since beginning use because I get full only half way through an average sized meal. I would recommend this product to anyone with food addiction and who get constant cravings..."
Portion of actual user comment on Amazon.com

"...I'm able to finally take that edge off of my hunger and get the sleep and rest I needed to continue with my weight loss battle. Don't get me wrong - like I said, this isn't a "Miracle Pill" and sometimes I do feel hungry."
Portion of actual user comment on Amazon.com

Official Hoodia Gordonii Plus Website

Company Information:

Hoodia Gordonii Plus is a brand name owned by HealthBuy.com and a member of the Natural Product Association, Inc. The domain name (HoodiaGordoniiPlus.com) was registered under this company in 2006.

For more information about this company, you may want to search the BBB

Product Specifications: Ingredeints
Price: $39.95 - 1 Bottle of Hoodia Gordonii Plus
Return Policy: 90 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Official Hoodia Gordonii Plus Website



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