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What is a Dietary Supplement Really?

Definition of Dietary Supplements
Dietary supplements are intended to add to a persons existing diet, ingredients including vitamins, herbs, amino acids and minerals that are insufficient or totally missing. These supplements can be taken orally in the form of pills, capsules, powder or liquid and are also referred to as food or nutritional supplements. These supplements are also not for use as conventional food or sole meal or diet items. You will also notice that the words Dietary Supplement are explicitly stated on the container containing the supplement.

Over-the-Counter Dietary Supplement Popularity
Over-the-counter dietary supplements are growing more and more in popularity due to the believe that its a magic cure for obesity and general over-weight.  Diet drugs are a multibillion dollar industry in the United Stated of America. Many people think by substituting exercise and balanced low calorie meals with dietary supplements that their problems will be solved overnight. The instant weight loss appeal although tempting must be carefully considered. Dietary supplements can have a possible weight loss effect initially but consumption would have to be maintained to stay on the achieved weight which can be dangerous and unpractical. Many factors drive overweight and obese people to dietary supplements such as social stigma, health benefits, frustration caused by previous diet failures, media and advertising claims, ease of accessibility from your supermarket or drug store without any prescription and fear or laziness to do necessary lifestyle changes.

Types of Weight-Loss Drugs
Two main types of weight loss drugs are available. One being prescription drugs and the second over-the-counter weight loss remedies. Over-the-Counter weight loss products including herbal supplements are classified as dietary supplements. Hoodia, Green Tea, Country Mallow and Guar Gum are herbal dietary supplements. Ephedra, Chromium, Chitosan are over-the-counter dietary supplements. Orlistat, Sibutramine and Phentermine are prescription drugs. Some weight loss pills contain a concoction of ingredients including caffeine and laxatives.

Currently in the USA alone 50 individual dietary supplements and 125 combination dietary supplements are available to combat weight problems and non of these supplements comply with usage recommendation criteria. Dietary supplement regulations is a tricky matter as its not so strictly regulated as prescription medications. Ungrounded health claims can easily be based upon manufacturers' own interpretation of studies and reviews. However claims should be submitted for review to the FDA as well as evidence furnished of safety and affectivity of the dietary supplement. The FDA has also now introduced good manufacturing practices that must be upheld by the manufacturers of the supplements. Supplements must be produced in quality manner, free from contaminants or impurities and 100% accurately labelled. Regulation and classification differs from country to country. In some countries the supplements are classified as foods and in others as drugs.

Over Dosage Dangers
Daily recommended dosages should always be followed. Over dosage of dietary supplements in an attempt to loose greater amounts of weight can be extremely dangerous. Consumers should understand that a supplement only adds, it cannot be consumed solely but rather with food. Over dosage can occure eaily causing toxic diseases. Special care must be taken with minerals and vitamins that can build up in your system such as Vitamin A, D, E and K.

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