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Losing Weight - Not Just For Girls

Looking and feeling great is not just limited to females. Men are becoming more and more health conscious as they are realising that bad and unhealthy habits and the effects are not limited to woman.

The male body has certain qualities making weight loss and weight maintenance easier than that of their female counters. These qualities are higher muscle percentage, higher basic metabolic rate, higher oxygen consumption and Testosterone, a anabolic agent promoting muscle mass increase. All these qualities can be used to gain great success in the weight loss or weight maintenance battle.

Weight gain is caused by exactly the same factors as with females. Changes in stress levels, employment, medication, genes and lack of exercise or activity.

By just getting the balance between energy intake and output correctly weight problems can be conquered. This is easier said than done however. Gradual weight gain is a natural part of getting older. As activity slows down and energy intake increases or remains the same as that of 10 years earlier.

The calorie requirement for a adult male is an estimated 2900 cal a day to maintain current weight. To lose weight the calorie intake should be reduced to 2400 calories.

Due to the high oxygen consumption more calories can be burnt during activity making a single exercise session by a male the equivalent of two to three exercise session by a female.

Its just a fact that male weight loss occurs at a faster pace and more dieting options are available than to females.

Simple steps can be taken in your every day activities to prevent weight gain or maintenance of satisfactory weight.

• Walk faster

• Walk or cycle to work or shops instead of driving.

• Do not be so comfortable. Stand-up and change the television channel rather than using the remote control.

• Hide the water sprinklers in your garage and water your garden by hand. The fresh air will do wonders and struggling with the hose will already help you lose a couple of pounds.

A vast variety of dietary supplements are available to speed up weight loss for both males and females. Dietary supplements can take the form of prescription, over-the-counter or organic products.

Organic dietary supplements are found in your daily recommended intake foods include apples, pickled plums, oatmeal, flaxseeds, green shakes, salad, light soups, pine nuts and even choclate. The suppressing agents are naturally found in the food with NO chemical inclusion or manipulation.

Over-the-counter dietary supplements are available at your nearest grocery or health store without prescription. These products are not so strictly regulated by healthcare organisations as prescription supplements.

Herbal Dietary Supplements are also Organic products but it does not mean that a product found in nature is always good for you. Examples of herbal dietary supplements are Hoodia, Green Tea and Country Mallow.

Dietary supplement intake should not be exceeding 6 month period. As the body builds resistance against the supplement causing stagnation in weight loss.

Overweight and obesity increases your risk of heart disease, strokes and diabetes by double. Look after your health and it will look after you!

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