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How Dangerous Are Diet Pills Really?

Losing weight fast or the possibility of serious health problems? Even death? This is a questions you should ask yourself before investing in that bottle of diet pills. Everything is life has its advantages and disadvantages which must be weighed again one other. Is the short-term potential of leaner body worth the long term damage that the diet pills have the potential of causing? The damage can range anything from heart attacks to death.

Three types of diet pills can be identified. The first being Fat Blockers using the intestines to remove excessive fat. Second being appetite suppressants like Sibutramine which increases adrenaline levels to burn fat and the third herbal diet pills.

Diet pills contain Appetite Suppressants. The purpose of the Suppressants is to cause adrenaline rushes for extended periods of time. The adrenaline stimulation makes the body feel so excited and anxious that it shuts down, eliminating the need to consume food. This adrenalined state is referred to as "Fight or Flight". These adrenaline rushes are compared to being stuck in a war zone everyday. Would you like to feel so rushed everyday you pop a diet pill? Possibly 3 times a day for 7 days a week. Prolonged "Fight or Flight" states can be very dangerous having extreme side effects.

Physicians identify only one justification for the usage of Diet Pills and that is to assist patients suffering from Morbid Obesity with serious health and life threats to loose weight faster. In these circumstances the over weight condition is more dangerous than the possible diet pill side effects. To qualify as suffering from Morbid Obesity a Body Mass Index of between 40.0 to 49.9 must be present. A Body Mass Index of 50.0+ is considered super obese. A real catch 22 situation to be considered by both the patient and doctor.

The taking of diet pills must not exceed 6 months as this is the period in which your body reaches its weight loss limit as well as develop immunity against the pill.

Patients wit existing medical conditions should never take diet pills without consulting with their physician first. The effect that the ingredients contained in diet pills can have on the body itself as well as in conjunction with prescribed medicine for the medical condition can be fatal.

Caution must be exercised that over dosage on diet pills do not occur. Symptoms of over dosage include convulsions, tremors, hallucinations, heart failure and attacks.

Potential Side Effects
Dependence forming; Diet pills have to potential to be dependence forming. Discuss your worries and weight problems with you physician before starting usage of diet pills especially prescribed diet pills.

Permanent Metabolic Problems
Calories and your metabolism are directly linked as calories are what fuels the metabolic system in the body. The appetite suppressive contents in the pill causes the calorie intake to reduce and thereby also reducing weight loss. Only exercise and a balanced diet can produce effective and lasting weight loss results.

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