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Acai Berry Select

Acai Berry Select - Homepage

Acai Berry Select, claimed as one of the best kept secrets in regards to weight loss as Acai Berry Select has been featured on popular televisions programs such as Oprah and the Today Show.

The product contain properties that accelerate weight loss and provide the body with a dose of rich antioxidants, Acai Berries are also known to fight fatigue and increase energy. The website also claim, one capsule is all that it takes to change your body's chemistry and promote a healthier lifestyle, and it is full of nutrients that promote healthy skin, men and women alike appreciate their healthy new glow.

The Brazilian Acai Berry has gained popularity and is sold in many forms. Acai Berry Select is to be taken a proper dose by an easy-to-take once-a-day capsule. Combined with a proper diet and the right amount of exercise, Acai Berry Select can assist with weight loss goals.

In addition, according to the website, Acaid Berry Select can make the user feeling energized, the user's metabolism will speed up which will cause to burn fat and calories faster. 

Acai Berry Select contains natural ingredients as well as a small amount of caffeine. Individuals that are pregnant, nursing, have a heart condition, or are using medication are urged to consult a physician before taking the popular supplement.

Official Acai Berry Select Website


Actual Customer Feedback:

"...I love the point about antioxidants being fat fighters as well since there has been so much evidence that this is true lately..."
Portion of actual user comment on EzineArticles.com

"I have more energy, I am healthier, and have been able to get over that “so called” hump in the gym. It’s amazing that the mass media is just finding out about this amazing Super Fruit. I highly recommend it to everyone!"
Portion of actual user comment on FitnessTipsForLife.com

"It contains high levels of antioxidants, vitamin C, fiber, and monounsaturated fats. The drink has garnered rave reviews from such celebrities as Sting, Oprah, and supermodel Gisele Bundchen..."
Portion of actual user comment on DaySeeker.com

"The acai berry can improve your cardiovascular health and can lower cholesterol, so it can definitely help you get healthy. The other vitamins and minerals found in acai can also cause your metabolism to speed up, making it easier for you to lose weight with exercise and a balanced diet."
Portion of actual user comment on Answers.Yahoo.com

Official Acai Berry Select Website

Company Information:

Acai Berry Select is a brand name owned by HealthBuy.com and a member of the Natural Product Association, Inc. The domain name (Acaiberryselect.com) was registered under this company in 2008.

For more information about this company, you may want to search the BBB

Product Specifications: Ingredients
Price: $49.95 - 1 Bottle Acai Berry Select
Acai Berry Select - Get 2 Free Bottle
Return Policy: 90 Money-Back Guarantee

Official Acai Berry Select Website



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